A “Loser” in Southtown

Perhaps, you have long forgotten or have given up on your New Year’s resolution to “get fit.” Now that September has arrived, your resolutions may be a faint memory. For one Southtowner, the determination and desire to “get fit” is alive and well. David Najarian, Buildings and Facilities Coordinator at Church of the Nazarene International Headquarters, was selected by KCTV5 in April as one of the “Get Fit with Five” participants. David was only one of 5 individuals chosen as a participant out of 600+ who entered. In his application letter to KCTV5, David signed his letter as “A desperate want-to-be ‘loser’ in Kansas City.” And, a “loser” he has been since starting the program in April. At the August “weigh-in,” he had lost 30 pounds and is showing signs of improvement in every other area.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church Sparkles!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works committee selected St. Peter’s Catholic Church, 815 E. Meyer Blvd., for the August Sparkle Award. In operation for 81 years, St. Peter’s is an anchor for our community. In addition to Catholic liturgy celebrations, St. Peter’s provides an elementary school for 600+ children, Early Child Learning Center, Social Services to the neighborhood for food and emergency assistance, and community gatherings for socials and prayer.

New Restaurant opens on Troost Avenue

In case you haven’t noticed, Georgie Porgie’s has opened at the corner of Gregory Blvd. and Troost Ave. after moving from the 8100 block of Wornall Rd.They open at 6am Mon. through Fri. for breakfast and lunch until 2pm (8am on Sat. & Sun.). Dinner is served Thurs. through Sun. from 5:30-9pm. Check it out!