63rd Street Capital Improvement Plan

The 63rd Street Corridor represents a diverse community with extensive history and character. Within it, distinctive neighborhood characteristics occur and evolve throughout the corridor. The corridor is anchored to the east by Swope Park, home to many regional attractions, and on the west by Brookside, one of the metro’s most vibrant and sustainable commercial areas. From the land use perspective, there are areas that exhibit strong and sustainable presence, while other areas show signs of weakness but have the potential for rejuvenation.

It is the goal of the 63rd Street Capital Improvement Plan to identify future ways in which largely public investment might provide support and even catalyst for bringing cohesiveness to the 63rd Street Corridor, as well as help instigate rejuvenation efforts. This document, the final report of that plan, outlines opportunities for sustainability and economic development through varying levels of Public Works investment, and in some cases where other development partners might support those efforts.


  • 63rd Street Capital Improvement Plan Final ReportPDF
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  • 63rd Street Corridor Plan Final Report PDF

2011 63rd st. Corridor Plan