Southtown Planning Center The Southtown Council was formed in 1982 by a small group of businesses, institutions and neighborhood associations to work collectively on economic and community issues in Southtown Kansas City (47th to 75th --Bruce Watkins Drive to Brookside Blvd). The non-profit Southtown Council has never requested or received governmental funding. Yet, its 35 year record of achievement includes $19 million in public improvements, a new Troost Avenue streetscape, the city's best business and neighborhood communications network, small business and neighborhood advocacy, and sound development planning.

Beginning in 1999, the Southtown Foundation, a supporting organization of the Council, carries on the public service and charitable efforts, but with the ability to seek philanthropic support through its 50l(c)3 status. The foundation will build on and expand the Southtown Council's remarkable success in preserving the priceless legacy of Southtown Kansas City.