Southtown Foundation (501(c)(3) organization)

Launched in 1999, the Southtown Foundation, a supporting organization of the Southtown Council, carries on the public service and charitable efforts of the Council, but with the ability to seek philanthropic support through its 501 (c)(3) status from the IRS. The Foundation builds on and expands the Southtown Council’s remarkable success in preserving the institutional and neighborhood legacy of Southtown Kansas City.

The Southtown Foundation works to:

  1. Develop and implement strategic plans for social, economic, and land use planning for the Southtown community.
  2. Promotes social welfare by eliminating conditions which are detrimental to public health, safety, morals or welfare in the community.
  3. Stimulates economic development by encouraging private investment and increasing employment opportunities for all; and by discouraging residents, commerce, and business entities from moving out of the community.
  4. Eliminating existing blight and combating community deterioration.
  5. Lessening the burdens of government in the community.
  6. Promoting partnership and cooperation among businesses, charitable organizations, governmental institutions, neighborhoods, and individual residents.

Committees established for these purposes include Beautification/Community Improvements, Planning and Development, Promotion, Programs, and Security. The Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors representing the diversity of the community.

Previous contributors include:

  • Allen & Gloria Block Family Foundation
  • American Century Foundation
  • Dreiseszun Family Foundation
  • Hallmark Foundation
  • Helzberg Foundation
  • Henry Wurst Family Foundation
  • JE Dunn Family Foundation
  • Tension Envelopes
  • …and individual members of the Southtown Foundation Board of Directors

For more information, call 816-523-5553 or email Sean using our contact form, just select Sean in the category field.