Troost CID

Troost Ave. Improvement District

The Troost Ave. CID is a political subdivision led by a volunteer board representing the property owners, business owners and customers that fund the work that keeps our district safe, clean and thriving.
Established in 2013, in cooperation with the City of Kansas City, the Troost Avenue Community Improvement District is a special assessment district that conveys benefits to the properties located within the district boundaries. The management of the CID provides networking and communication along with supplemental services including weekly trash collection along the public right-of-way, an area awareness / supplemental security officer, and other supplementary services that help ensures a clean, safe and inviting district. The CID has been used successfully on Troost Avenue to improve the district’s overall image within the community.

CID Services

Troost CID Directory & Buttons

  • Weekly trash removal along the public right-of-way
  • Graffiti removal
  • Supplemental Security Services
  • Trouble-shooting

CID Management

  • Advocacy for businesses
  • Facilitation of projects
  • Business resource
  • Information and referral
  • Data collection
  • Economic development

CID Products & Promotions

Troost Avenue District T-Shirt

  • Web page including a Business Directory
  • E-Newsletter – weekly shared publication sent out to approximately 1,600
  • Social Media promotion on Facebook
  • Interactive Event Calendar
  • Up-to-date news
  • Annual Beautification Awards Luncheon
  • Monthly Networking Opportunities

Troost CID in Action

Troost Corridor Action Plan
Troost Redevelopment

More About CIDs

The International Downtown Association estimates that more than 1,000 Community Improvement Districts (CID’s) currently operate throughout the United States and Canada. A CID provides enhanced improvements and activities, such as economic development, parking management, maintenance and marketing, in addition to those provided by local government. CID’s are proven to work by providing services that improve the overall viability of business districts – resulting in higher property values, occupancies and sales.