Shop Small and support local businesses Saturday, Nov 30th

shop-small-saturdayShop Small Saturday 2019 promotes small, locally owned businesses on November 30th. Visit your favorites across Southtown and make a big impact in your community. Not only to small businesses depend on your patronage, spending money in a small business in Southtown brings more money back to our community. In fact, for every dollar spent at one of the 100s of small businesses in Southtown and other small business across the US, approximately 67 cents stays in the local community. So Shop Small November 30th and all year!

MUEHLEBACH FUNERAL CARE celebrates 65 years of serving Kansas City families.

Muehlebach Funeral Care team With 65 years in business, Muehlebach Funeral Care is clearly doing something right! The legacy began in 1954 and continues today. When James “Bud” Harrington opened the doors at 6800 Troost Avenue in 1965, Muehlebach was one of very few businesses in the Southtown area. Over 65 years the area has grown, declined and grown again – and the doors of Muehlebach Funeral Home are still open to serve Kansas City. Click below to learn more about their history (did you know they helped form the Southtown Council), award winning service, how they take the stress out of planning ahead, and how they give back to the Southtown Community.

Meyer Boulevard Study Concept - Still time to comment through July 26th

Meyer-Boulevard-Study-sectionThe City of Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department commissioned a Meyer Boulevard study to evaluate ways to calm traffic along the Meyer corridor, improve safety for all users, add needed on-street parking and improve other area connections like the Trolley Trail. Concept plans developed by the project consulting team were presented at a public meeting June 20, 2019. Attendees shared opinions about the concept before the team finalizes the concept. A summary of exhibits from the meeting is provided, and additional comments are welcome through Friday, July 26, 2019. Click below for more.

The Morning Grind redo - Friday, July 19th at Metro Patrol Station

hail-stones-for-June-Morning-GrindIf life brings you lemons, you make lemonade, right? So if life brings you hail during your coffee do you make iced coffee? Sure, but since so few could make the June Morning Grind because of the thunderstorms, we're calling a do over. Thanks to the officers at KCPD's Metro Patrol Station for shelter during the storm, being great sports and hosting the redo Friday, July 19th from 8-9 am.

Meyer Boulevard Improvement Project meeting Thursday June 20th 6-8 pm

Meyer-Blvd-public-meetingThe City of Kansas City is hosting a public meeting for the Meyer Boulevard Improvement Project: Ward Parkway to Troost. The purpose of this project is to improve safety along Meyer Boulevard while providing curbside parking and accommodating not only vehicles, but also bicycles and pedestrians. The project will also explore parking alternatives to Brookside Boulevard (Meyer to 63rd St). Share you thoughts and opinions Thursday June 20th at 6 pm.