Results of the Annual Board Retreat

Each year the board members from Southtown, Waldo, and Brookside gather for an afternoon of planning and discussing ways to improve for the organizations and communities. This year, the group focused on ways to better market/promote the many assets and resources of our areas, such as the history, diversity, and abundance of locally owned businesses.

Southtown Honors Mayor Berkley as 2007 American Citizen

Honoring Richard L. Berkley Beloved former Kansas City mayor Dick Berkley was celebrated on Nov. 30 by Southtown as the 2007 American Citizen. In his three-term tenure as mayor, from 1979 to 1991, Berkley oversaw many capital investments, shepherded inspired civic efforts and enjoyed remarkable support and approval. Known for his caring and ability to build consensus, Berkley’s legacy was deserving of this special recognition.

UMKC Helps Southtown Sparkle!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works Committee selected UMKC for the December Sparkle Award. For many years, the vacant lot just south of the Coffee Break and north of Sam Miller Coach in the 5400 block of Troost Avenue has been used for on-site storage by UMKC. But not any more!

Mike’s Tavern- Sparkles!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works Committee selected Mike’s Tavern, 5424 Troost Ave., for the October Sparkle Award. Owners Jim and Kurt Wirken purchased the business this past spring and made major improvements before opening. Mike’s Tavern was established in 1964.