Results of the Annual Board Retreat

Each year the board members from Southtown, Waldo, and Brookside gather for an afternoon of planning and discussing ways to improve for the organizations and communities. This year, the group focused on ways to better market/promote the many assets and resources of our areas, such as the history, diversity, and abundance of locally owned businesses.

Conclusions from the retreat included the need to promote both within our area (to our employees and customers) and throughout the metro area. We need to develop ways to maximize our support of local organizations. We need to tell our stories better. We need to support emerging business and groups. We need to promote our neighborhood as a whole. Cross promoting, business to business sales, and increasing communications to our employees/neighbors were all recommended. Another interesting suggestion was development of one website that would lead to all three of our areas with an interactive map. All three organizations committed to increasing the positive marketing of the area to our community and surrounding areas.

Special thanks to Stowers Institute- Medical Research for hosting the event!