What should transit be trying to do in Kansas City?

What should transit be trying to do in Kansas City?


The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) has initiated one of the largest system redesigns in agency history - RideKC Next. The RideKC Next project is a review and redesign of current transit service focused on Kansas City, Mo. (KCMO). The goal is to make sure updates to the transit network reflects the needs, priorities and values of people in KCMO communities.

Take the Survey
KCATA wants to hear from you! Share your thoughts and opinions about transit. The responses will help shape future transit decisions.

Surveys are available in English or Spanish at:
Take the survey online at RideKCNext.org.
Request a paper copy by email at planning@kcata.org.
Request a paper copy by phone at 816-346-0300.

The survey is open until July 31, 2019, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete!

RideKC Next has three phases
Phase One: Review existing transit service. Gather community feedback through a survey and in person at community meetings and events.
Phase Two: Share a draft updated transit service plan. Get more community feedback.
Phase Three: Submit final plan to KCATA for review and approval by the Board of Commissioners. Implement the plan over the next two years.

Find Out More!
Visit RideKCnext.org - Learn more and stay updated by visiting the project webpage.
Share the online survey. You can also request a paper copy in English and Spanish.
Follow the KCATA on social media for updates: Facebook @RideKC | Twitter @RideKCTransit