Volunteers Help Shepherd’s Center Central Sparkle

Located on the corner of 52nd Street and Oak Street, Shepherd’s Center Central has been helping older adults live a healthy, happy, and engaged life for the past 43 years. Executive Director Pam Seymour, a staff of 16 and countless volunteers help make this wonderful organization successful.

 Shepherd's Center

While maintaining a beautiful house and grounds, Shepherd’s Center is focused on making older adults’ lives a little easier. Volunteers and staff deliver “Meals on Wheels,” teach classes, provide Medicare counseling, transport homebound older adults, and run the office.

Normal wear and tear can take its toll on a 100-year-old home. In 2014, Lori Stark and Jayson Seymour led a team of determined volunteers to restore the grounds and make it a neighborhood “showpiece.” Volunteers pulled weeds, cleaned the brush away, and planted bushes, hostas, shrubs and flowers. A beautiful flowering butterfly garden was placed on the North lawn. The new lawn was then dedicated to long-time volunteer Dorothy Phoenix. If you are looking for a great place to volunteer, please contact them at 816-444-1121 or enjoy reading their mission at www.sccentral.org. Thank you, Shepherd’s Center, for all you do for our community. Your attention to detail beautifully shines in Southtown!