UMKC Helps Southtown Sparkle!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works Committee selected UMKC for the December Sparkle Award. For many years, the vacant lot just south of the Coffee Break and north of Sam Miller Coach in the 5400 block of Troost Avenue has been used for on-site storage by UMKC. But not any more!

All materials were removed along with the fence surrounding the property. The site was graded. Just adjacent to the public sidewalk, the area was landscaped with berms and plantings. The landscaping included 120 yards of top soil/compost, a 288 pavestone wall block, over 2000 mixed Tulip bulbs, 600 Grape Muscari builbs, 100 Daffodil bulbs, and blue/yellow Tulip bulbs to spell out UMKC! But that’s not all!

They also added 6 Switch grass, 2 Redbud trees, double knockout roses, several assorted drought tolerant Perennials such as Goldenrod, Sedum Stonecrop, Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflowers, Coreopsis, and others. More than 10 yards of mulch was added along with a park bench.

If you think the lot looks good now, wait until this spring when everything blooms! The Southtown Council extends their gratitude and congratulations to UMKC for doing their part to help make Southtown sparkle!