Standing Out with Evergreen Content

Standing_out_with_Evergreen_ContentA common discussion in marketing meetings is how to increase brand exposure and drive traffic to your website and social media platforms. Improved website targeting and search engine optimization (SEO) can help keep your customers and members engaged and while you reach a broader audience. Southtown Council member shares how you can use always-topical "evergreen content" to drive traffic and stand out in a crowd.

What is evergreen content and why is it important? Director of Marketing, Tina Burnham, describes evergreen content as "website content which is search engine optimized and continually relevant to website visitors. This means it stays fresh for readers, regardless of when they are reading it. Like an evergreen tree, evergreen content is in season year-round." As for why it's important "evergreen content is important to have on your website because it boosts your SEO rankings. Since evergreen posts never lose their relevance, they often have no expiration date and generally use keywords which are searched for over and over again." The result, is content that search engines find easily, categorize and recall more often because it's still relevant. In other words it offers a big bang for your buck, pulling in traffic long after posted.

Examples of evergreen content includes lists or listicals, how-to content, tips, reviews and relevant explanations of difficult concepts. Articles or posts like "How to Make Networking Work For You," "Top 10 Employee Motivators," and "Evergreen Content and How to Use It" (see what we did there) are some examples. Remember, evergreen content shouldn't expire so it is valuable long-term. Avoid overly topical content, current trends and pop culture and similar topics. The latest election, hot product and popular figures may be a quick draw but have a short shelf life online.

Visit's Evergreen Content: What It Is and How to Use It for more suggestions on how to use evergreen content to help drive your traffic, and to learn other tips for reaching more customers.

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