Satisfying Your Coffee Curiosity

Congratulations to Crows Coffee at 304 E 51st St. for “cultivating a community of curious coffee lovers in Kansas City, Missouri!”  Southtown is proud to award Crows Coffee the Southtown Sparkle Award for March.  

Kansas City native Zach Moores left his job as an insurance adjuster in 2013 to open Crows Coffee. “When I was traveling around the country for work, my only peace was the three hours a day I’d spend in a coffee shop doing paper work,” Moores says. “No matter where I was, the local coffee shop was where I wanted to be. I want Crows Coffee to be that place for people who live in and visit Kansas City.”

The décor complete with exposed brick, wood-crafted counter, exposed ceiling and delicate lighting, achieves the desire of a warm and peaceful environment. Customers enjoy Messenger Coffee and Espresso, Hugo Tea and baked items from Scratch Bakery, Chelsea's Bakehaus and other local providers. 

“Our goal is to bring together the best community around the best coffee. Conveniently located on the UMKC Campus just off of the Trolley Trail at 51st and Brookside Boulevard, we want to be a gathering place for all people of all ages and all walks of life,” assures Moores.  Stop by and satisfy your coffee curiosity any day from 6am-9pm. Congratulations for helping the Southtown community sparkle.