SG Insurance– Sparkles!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works Committee selected SG Insurance, 6430 Troost Ave., for the September Sparkle Award.

Owner Sheldon “Tony” Gray purchased the property and after improvements were made, opened for business in February of 2007. SG Insurance is an independent broker that provides real estate services, all lines of personal insurance, and Title insurance. According to Gray, “SG Insurance is a one-stop service shop for all your commercial and residential needs.” With 2 real estate agents, 3 insurance agents, a title officer, and two support staff, SG Insurance is here to help. They have 3 offices throughout the metropolitan area. SG Insurance is open late Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm and on Saturday from 9am-4pm. For more information, visit

The building at 6430 Troost was vacant and before opening as SG Insurance, new offices, bathrooms, and a reception area were installed.The roof was replaced; the exterior painted; and new windows, signage, and lighting were added.

The Southtown Council extends their congratulations to SG Insurance and Tony Gray for the investment made and for helping to make Southtown sparkle!