Cleveland Chiropractic seeks partnership opportunities for its Brookside Health Center

The Cleveland College Kansas City Campus is relocating its main educational program to Overland Park, Kansas, in January 2008.

The college has long maintained a clinical presence in Southtown KC and is planning to retain a Health Center facility on the Missouri side as part of its applied clinical instruction program and patient care services. The college is seeking a partnership with another health care provider in either: relocating its present patient care services from its 751 E. 63rd Street location in 2008 and is seeking approximately 3000 to 5000 square feet of space adaptable for a health care facility, preferably in an existing health care facility, in the south central region of the metropolitan KC community; or making its location at 751 E. 63rd Street, complete with clinical set-up, available to another health care facility to expand its services and outreach to the community.

In addition to the TMC Wellness Center, the college currently maintains intern training facilities at its campus-based outpatient care facility in south-central KC (also known as Brookside), an academic affiliation with the KC Veterans Administration Hospital and provides patient care services at the KC Free Clinic.

For more info, contact Ms. Marjorie Bradshaw at 816-501-0179 or by e-mail,