Only 95 Days Left To Locate Your Shovels & Trowels

Troost Avenue's 2008 TULIPS are sitting someplace in cold storage right now and that's a happy thought to think about while you are paying your air conditioning bill this week. Meanwhile some of you have been asking how you can help Tulips on Troost Avenue.

Deciding on which tulips will look best, where to plant them all, how to pay for a maybe a million and then figuring out who is going to do all that digging can be a daunting task in the middle of a hot summer. So, we're planning a series of relaxing, refreshing and COOL Tulip Volunteer Evenings to help us start sleeping again at night. TULIPS ON TROOST ON TUESDAYS Volunteer Work Sessions are held every Tuesday between 5and 9pm at the Durwin Rice Gallery, 5516 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64110. Phone is 816-361-6825. Some of the things we'll be doing...volunteer recruitment, grant writing and fund-raising, event planning, site analysis, public relations, envelope addressing, gardens maintenance, garden designing, drinking Chardonnay and coming up with great new ideas.

Also, mark your calendars and begin planning to participate on the Official Tulip Planting Kick-Off Day on Saturday, October 27th!