Walk on Water Ministries – Sparkles!

The Southtown Council Beautification and Community Improvement Committee selected Walk on Water Ministries International, 6040 Troost Ave., for the June Southtown Sparkle Award. Founders Pastor Andre Huskey and Pastor Moris Wyatt, Jr. are doing it all! They recently acquired this vacant building at 61st and Troost and are personally making all the renovations. The interior has a new sanctuary and foyer area, a youth center, and even a special fountain. On the outside, the exterior of the building has been painted, brush and overgrowth have been removed and major landscaping has been installed. The intent is to create a church with a feeling of home where all are welcome.

Walk on Water Ministries provides all aspects of ministry, including outreach. Prayer services are Monday through Saturday and Sunday services are at 9am. The congregation works with elderly in the community on minor home repairs and yard work. The church has an open door policy, inviting anyone to come and worship with them or enjoy sitting by the fountain and relaxing with a book. According to Pastor Huskey, “We are a supernatural ministry with a great vision for the nation and Troost is our first area. We are looking forward to working with other organizations. We encourage the community to get involved and let the Ministry hear their needs so they can be responsive.” As they say at Walk on Water Ministries, “Watch and see. Come be a part of the “Wow effect!”

Congratulations to Walk on Water Ministries for helping to make Southtown Sparkle!