Tulips on Troost Sparkle!

The Southtown Council Environment and Public Works Committee selected the Tulips on Troost Avenue Project for the April Sparkle Award. Thanks to the creativity and vision of Durwin Rice, the Tulips on Troost Avenue Project is transforming the community!

According to Rice, “Tulips on Troost aims to change the face of Troost Avenue by planting 50,000 tulip bulbs along the Avenue for Spring 2007 blooming. Actually, we hope to plant thousands more than 50,000, in addition to landscaping this season with annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and trees. What began 6 weeks ago, with a goal of planting 10,000 tulips, almost immediately captured the imagination of the community and that caused us to quickly achieve what we discovered to be our very conservative initial goal of 10,000 tulips.

Thousands upon thousands of Tulips on Troost will bring deserved attention and respect to one of our city's important founders, Dutchman Dr. Troost. It will give our city's residents alternative, new and significant ways to perceive color as it relates to Troost Avenue. Tulips on Troost will be a powerful symbol of hope, achievement and healing to everyone today who is touched by Troost and who is in need of change. Hope, healing and opportunity for the future are why we are asking for you to be a generous participant in Tulips on Troost.”

Thanks are extended to the many volunteers across the entire metropolitan area that donated funds, equipment, and hard work to plant more than 70,000 tulips! Take time to travel Troost Avenue and watch the Tulips explode with color!