Remember When…

Throughout this 25th anniversary year, we will travel down memory lane to remind ourselves of the many people, events and accomplishments that have made Southtown such a great place to live and work.

It all began in 1982 when several people met to discuss concerns along 63rd St. and then a community meeting was held with 50 people in attendance! The Southtown Council was formed within the boundaries of Oak to Prospect, 61st to 69th St. In 1983, an office was set up at Metro Plaza, committees were formed, monthly meetings held, and the newsletters began. In 1984, the first “Springboard to Success” job fair was held and the first part-time employee was hired to work out of the office in the Blue Hills Homes Corp. building at 63rd and Troost. Southtown boundaries were expanded in 1985 to Volker/Gregory and Prospect to Main and the Southtown by-laws adopted. Trash cans were installed on Troost Ave.; the South Midtown Roadway lawsuit was settled; and $100,000 of public funds was approved for the 63rd St. Improvement Project.

Marti Lee was hired as the first Executive Director in 1986 and the offices were moved to 6205 Prospect. The Southtown 2000 Plan was initiated. By 1987, membership had grown to 107 members; a part-time secretary was hired; and the offices moved once again to 6300 Troost Ave. above the bank. Bruce Watkins Dr. construction began and the 63rd St. Improvement Project was started. Stayed tune for the next six year in the next quarterly newsletter!