Neighborhood Sewer construction to Begin in Area

construction A sewer improvement project will begin construction soon in portions of the Southtown area as part of the Overflow Control Program, the largest infrastructure investment in the City’s history. The 25-year program, which began in 2010, aims to improve the water quality of local streams and rivers by reducing the volume and frequency of sewer overflows. This phase includes the area bounded by Blue Parkway on the north, Bannister Rd. on the south, Blue River on the east and Wornall Rd. on the west.

Construction work begain in July 2015 and is expected to end July 2017. Most of the construction work is expected to be completed using trenchless technology, a less invasive construction practice that allows for minimal disruptions to wastewater service and street closures. Kansas City uses a material called cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) to perform a majority of this work. The work is needed to improve the structural integrity of smaller neighborhood sewer pipes and protect public health by reducing basement backups.

To learn more about the investments KC Water Services is making as part of the Overflow Control Program, visit For questions about the Middle Blue River Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Water Services Project Manager, or call (816) 513-0300.