Mike’s Tavern- Sparkles!

The Southtown Environment and Public Works Committee selected Mike’s Tavern, 5424 Troost Ave., for the October Sparkle Award. Owners Jim and Kurt Wirken purchased the business this past spring and made major improvements before opening. Mike’s Tavern was established in 1964.

When asked what makes their establishment special, manager Kurt Wirken says, “We have an experienced, dedicated, neighborhood-oriented staff with a commitment to community. We have enjoyed restoring a loved institution with a focus on the history of Kansas City, MO.” Mike’s Tavern now offers affordable libations, live local music, and billiards. Improvements made to the business include landscaping, exterior and interior painting, refurbishing the kitchen, parking lot renovations, reupholstering of furniture, washing the windows and general clean-up. Future plans include the addition of a mural to honor Kansas City history and the renovation of the second floor for meeting facilities.

The Southtown Council extends their congratulations to Mike’s Tavern and the Wirkens for the investment made and for helping to make Southtown sparkle!