Letter from the Troost Avenue CID President

Hello from Troost Avenue. It is my great pleasure to serve as the president of the Troost Avenue Community Improvement District (CID). This CID went “live” late in 2013 and we’ve now completed our first year of operation.

I hope that you have begun to notice a difference within the district that runs from 46th street to 75th street along Troost Avenue and 63rd street from Rockhill to Pener Plaza. Our focus in our first year was twofold: providing increased security and tidying up our appearance. The Troost Titans have been on patrol providing security and creating relationships with all of the businesses and tenants. I receive weekly updates on their efforts and I continue to be impressed with their responsiveness and interaction with our community. The Troost Troopers continue to do a great job picking up trash, removing graffiti and removing illegal signage from the avenue right-of-way. It’s great to see them out on the street.

While we will continue these services we also want to turn our attention in the next year to providing additional advertising for the area covered by the CID and will focus on branding and marketing. We are even working on a competition to come up with a branding/logo design. More on this to come. I want to once again thank everyone for their support of the CID and their work to make it happen. As someone who has worked on the East side of Troost for close to 20 years, I can promise we remain committed to the area and will continue to work for its improvement.

As one component of the great organizations that make up Southtown, Brookside and Waldo, we invite you to participate in our luncheons, networking events and other activities. Thanks for the opportunity to serve and I look forward to the great things yet to come.
Submitted by Troost Ave. CID President Matt Heinrich, Rockhurst University