2019 KC General Election Information

KC-General-Election-June-18thThe Southtown Council, Brookside Business Association, Brookside CID, Troost Avenue CID and Southtown Foundation, and our members and partners, greatly appreciate the time, passion and dedication of our Kansas City elected officials. We also greatly appreciate the time each candidate for office dedicates to meetings, forums and trying to connect with so many in the community. Even then, we know there are so many that are never reached. For that reason, we asked candidates to complete an election questionnaire rather than attending another forum. The questions were based on priorities of the organizations above and issues raised by our Board and committee members and other community partners. The questions were intended to help better understand each candidate, their aspirations and ideas for office, and how they envision tackling several of the City’s toughest challenges - particularly those that may have the greatest impact on our area. We understand there are many other important issues facing Kansas City, and the questions were not intended to be all inclusive or exhaustive. Also, the questionnaire were nonpartisan and intended to help provide additional information regardless of party or affiliation.

The Southtown Council & Southtown Foundation primarily serve portions of the of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Council districts. The Brookside Business Association & Brookside CID fall entirely within the 6th Council District. The Troost Avenue CID falls within the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Council districts. For additional information about candidates for Mayor and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th District, their contact information, survey questions, and links to online resources including sample ballot, and additional candidate information click here to view our 2019 Election Guide PDF.

Following area responses from those candidates that took time to participate (in the order listed on the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners Sample Ballot). We greatly appreciate their time and willingness to open up about key community issues. Candidates not listed did not provide responses.

Mayoral Candidate:
Jolie Justus PDF

3rd District at Large Candidate:
Wallace Hartsfield, II PDF

4th District at Large Candidate:
Robert Westfall PDF

5th District (In-District) Candidate:
Ryana Parks-Shaw PDF
Edward Bell, II (did not complete survey and provided the following instead) PDF

6th District at Large Candidates:
Andrea Bough PDF
Stacey Johnson-Cosby PDF

Thank you again to all the candidates for their time, and desire to make our community better.